3 Digestive Musts by Dr. Ronald M. Repice “Your Drugless Doctor” & “Naples Weight Loss Doc”

Dr. Ron Repice — 3 “Must Haves” for Proper Immune and Digestive Health!
We need to have adequate digestion, assimilation, and absorption in order to take advantage of the Fact that 80+ % of our Immune System depends on proper digestive tract health.
1) Probiotics provide good bacteria to break down foods
2) Digestive Enzymes are needed to carry nutrition to the places your body needs to use for fuel and healing
3) Hydrochloric Acid is needed as well so that the food matter does not ROT in you stomach and digestive tract.

Note that is isn’t the fact of “Having too Much Stomach Acid” like many Doctors relate as the cause of say, your Acid Reflux. The Reflux comes from the foods that are not properly broken down and then are Rotting in your Stomach!!!!!!

Watch my video and learn more…


Dr. Ron Repice “Your Drugless Doctor” “Naples Weight Loss Doc” and Your Coach!!

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