An Interview with Dr. Kalish regarding Functional Medicine

An Interview with Dr. Kalish regarding Functional Medicine

Dr. Kalish teaches and works at functional medicine and treats various hormone imbalances, fatigue and inflammatory conditions. In this episode he summarized the Kalish method and at the end talks about parasitic infections.

The Kalish method is unique because it handles some of your functional conditions and disorders in a more gentle, natural way. This is the only type of healing that we support at Rejuvenations, of course, so we are on board for the Kalish method.

You may experience all sorts of conditions and defeciencies in your daily life which are due largely to the unhealthy ways in which we live. Hormone imbalances, fatigue, and more can be the result of a genetic disorder or contracted illness, or they can just be “because.”

If these conditions are your burden now, you may want to consider the ways in which natural healing and functional medicine can retrain your body and reintroduce balance, good health, and happiness to your life.

The Kalish method is just one of the many ways in which bodies are transforming into their best selves and functional ill health is being reduced, but we are on board.

For more information, you can contact the office of Dr. Ron Repice and mention this article.

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