Are you Overweight? by: Dr. Ron Repice

A lot of people are overweight, and obese, but they really don’t know what it affects.

That’s what I talked to you about in my last handout. I got such a good response from that handout, I wanted to follow it up with another one.

This week let’s talk about how being overweight can affect your colon.

Your Colon
Researchers haven’t found the connection between obesity and most cancers to be all that strong — except for colon cancer. What’s that mean? Well let me explain that to you right now.

Among both men and women with obese classifications, colorectal cancers arise with startling frequency. This could be for two main reasons, experts suspect.

The first involves a diet high in processed meats and red meats, a common factor among patients suffering from colon polyps — an early potential sign of colon cancer.

The other factor is an elevated level of insulin or insulin-related growth factor in the blood. Why, exactly, these factors influence cancer development remains a mystery.

But given the intricate relationship between a person’s digestive system and immune-related disorders — 70 percent of the body’s bacteria lives in your gut — and the side effects of obesity may explain the link, at least in part. If you want to lose weight, just let me or one of the staff know.

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