Are you suffering with Dizziness? by Dr. Ron Repice

Faces of Cryotherapy
by: Dr. Ron Repice
“If you are having dizziness, STOP
… what you’re doing and CALL ME!”
When someone you know experiences dizziness, also called “vertigo”, their whole world seems to spin out of control with the nearest solid object becoming their only lifesaver.
With patients, vertigo is a common complaint, especially after head and neck trauma from say an auto accident. Unfortunately it may come from problems in YOUR inner ear, or from disturbances in other pathways in YOUR nervous system.
Just this one experience can impact your whole world, causing things to happen to you that are out of your control like:
· nausea,
· vomiting, and
· sweating.
If you are having trouble with vertigo, you should CALL the office NOW, as we may be able to help.
Let me explain what might be going on. Your inner ear houses YOUR body’s true balance center, the “vestibulocochlear” system.
That’s a big name, but just know that this big name I just told you about is what keeps you standing upright.
It is a complex system of fluid-filled tubes lined with hair-like sensors. This tiny little area inside your ear provides information to your central nervous system about your current position and what type of movement is going on. That keeps you centered and on point.
In some individuals however, debris may accumulate inside and cause vertigo. If the debris settles on your sensitive areas within your tubes, that’s where the dizziness is going to come from.
Call my office now and we’ll discuss your diet and daily habits so we can pinpoint any other reasons for you having this dizziness.
Tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and other substances that stimulate or depress the nervous system may become triggers for you having some dizziness as well, so be careful.
On and let’s not forget drugs. Some non-prescription sleeping pills or antihistamines can trigger you to have dizziness. It’s important that you do the right things as fast as you can to rid yourself of this dizziness before it becomes too late.
Make sure you call the office now. All the best to you today. Schedule your office visit with me today.

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