Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton … Presented by Dr. Ron Repice… “Your Drugless Doctor”

Dr. Ron Repice – “Your Drugless Doctor” “Naples Weight Loss Doc” Ur Coach!!
I am here once again with a “Medical Moment & Motivational Moment”
This review is about a great book titled: Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton Ph.D.
We now know that that our entire biology is shaped by intelligence of each of our 50 Trillion Cells. The single most important influence on these cells is The Energy of Belief. Listen in and Enjoy. I also talk about Dr. Wayne Dyer and his CD titled: Inspirational Thoughts…. These once again are – Must Haves!!

You can obtain these and other works along the same subject line and what they can do for you is change your perception and help you to wrangle negative thoughts in and replace them with positive ones. If you believe you can or if you believe you cannot – you are correct either way. If you think you’re good enough or you think you’re no good, you will be that. It’s been proven!

Our minds are powerful and influential – more than we know – and failure to take control and use this tool can be futile!

Dr. Ron Repice
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