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Now offering the 1-2 Punch! CBD Hemp Oil
Knock out the Pain with CBD Hemp Oil and Whole Body Cryo

There are two companies that I like that hold to the GMP and Pharmaceutical Standards for purity. Look for Organic product and extraction without the use of harsh chemicals nor extreme heat exposure. ECS Therapeutics, where ECS, stands for Endocanninboid System offers full spectrum hemp extracts that supply cannabidiol (CBD) plus other cannabinoids and terpenes to support the body’s Endocannabinoid System. Hemp seed also carries with it some of the essential fatty acids and can contribute to a greater nutritional effect. ECS and Charlotte’s Web are my top 2 favorites. Charlotte’s Web is well know and respected as one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to CBD and Hemp Oils. ECS Therapeutics is an amazing company that holds to the highest standards of certification / batch testing of each and every batch via an independent lab that provides certification of purity so that you feel confident that the CBD and labeling are what is indicated on the bottle! Charlotte’s Web harvest mostly out of Colorado

You want to seek out CBD Oil that is Organic and Hemp Seed is Cold Pressed. Look for an extraction process that doesn’t utilize harmful solvents and exposure to extreme heat of for a drying process.

ECS Therapeutics
Charlotte’s Web

The Second Part of the 1-2 Punch is Whole Body Cryotherapy
Cryotherapy, which has been around in Europe for 40+ years
is an exciting and effective technique to help with pain and inflammation. Whole Body Cryotherapy is rapidly growing in the U.S. and the process only takes 3 minutes. It is a wonderful compliment to the CBD Oil system. Adding Cryotherapy along with CBD Hemp Oil is a winning combination. Focusing that fight to win in beating the in Pain Game by reducing the perception of pain and healing the body by also reducing the systemic inflammation in the name of the game and the winning combination.

If you are suffering or if you are an athlete looking to get an edge or heal from overtraining, then you must join the ranks in discovering Nitrogen based cryotherapy. Cold Air Cryotherapy is great for all ages from 13 to over 100 years of age. The medical nitrogen produces a very comfortable crisp, dry air that is invigorating and rejuvenates the body.

Dr. Repice is very excited about this combination of CBD Hemp Oil Extract and Medical Nitrogen based Cold Air Cryotherapy. The best part is that is comfortable and produces rapid results for many of our clients.

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