Chiropractor combines Cryotherapy for Pain Relief

Doctor Ron Repice of Naples Florida brings a new and unique approach to helping his patients with pain relief. Approximately 40 years ago, a Japanese scientist experimented with Cold Exposure, known as Nitrogen Whole Body Cryotherapy, to help an autoimmune condition known as Rheumatoid Arthritis. What he found was that when his patients were exposed to just under 3 minutes of cold exposure, their joints felt much better and that their inflammation lessened.

Here we are all these years later and who would of thought that… STRESS could be used to Heal the Body!  Short duration stress is known to create a sympathetic activation and is know as Hormesis.

Hormetic Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system in a so called “fight or flight” response.  This can be in the form of dry heat, such as a hot rock sauna, or simply resistance training, or what we now call whole body cryotherapy (WBC).  WBC often utilizes liquid nitrogen to create the cooling the complete drying of the air that then surrounds the patients as they stand in a cabin.  We really like the “Sauna” style where our patients experience absolutely no claustrophobia and where they are not breathing in sub-zero cold air.  We also love the privacy it offers, as our clients are never having to undress in front of anyone, and so it is a private room doubled to be an open cabin private booth.  Patients wear a robe into the cabin and then are able to hand the robe to the doctor or technician directly out the of top since it is open and patients head is above the device so the communication is direct and face to face, which is really reassuring and comfortable.

Chiropractic care has been around well over 100 years, but in my 27 years as a chiropractor, the one technique, tool, treatment I was lacking was a way to affect the inner body with regards to a direct effect on inflammatory proteins (Cyotkines).  We used all the physiotherapy tools and topical gels, along with lifestyle/nutritional changes and supplements, and these are great, but nothing showed the rapid response like when we began implementing whole body cryotherapy.

This 3 minute cooling process is not only safe and comfortable, but the vast majority of our patients call the who process “invigorating.” Patients often feel relief of pain immediately, and describe feeling very relaxed after the session.  We also see an increase in energy, as well as restorative sleep the very evening a patient comes in for a whole body cryotherapy session.

In our practice, this has led to a found complement of modalities that have shown profound effects for not only pain relief, but fat reduction as well.  We started seeing fat loss in response to an increased metabolic rate.

Combining chiropractic care along with whole body cryotherapy is a perfect combination to help our pain patients find relief.  We see patients with anything from autoimmune conditions to fibromyalgia to general aches, pain, sprains, to fractures and joint replacements.  Our facility offers lifestyle coaching, including weight loss, and we most recently added a device called whole body red light and have found that combining the cryotherapy along with the red light has helped our patients lose fat, especially abdominal fat (belly fat).

Our trifecta is the introduction of Chiropractic Adjustments along with both whole body cryotherapy and red light/infrared light therapy.  These 3 services combined bring the old fashioned Chiropractic Care to the modern age, and speed healing and recovery like nothing we have seen before.

Our Chiropractic Care consists of vibrational technologies to activate the nervous system, but provide a gentle approach where no forceful adjustment nor cracking or popping of the spine or joints is necessary.  The feeling of vibration, which we term multiple impulse, feels incredibly relaxing and soothing.  Chiropractic care offers a safe and effective way to assist the body in natural healing and pain relief.  We appreciate the complementary effects of combining tools and techniques, and one should certainly experience the truly amazing benefits of combining care to include Chiropractic Care, Whole Body Cryotherapy, and Red Light Healing.

Building the engine of the body, or what we call the power house of the cells, is known as Mitochondrial Biogenesis.  When this takes place, we become better burners of our own fat and we reduce inflammation naturally, and at the same time boost the immune system.   In these times, we need to take action for our own health, and learning about these advanced techniques to maximize human potential is extremely important.

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I hope you enjoyed this information.
Many Blessings!
Dr Ron Repice

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