Destructive Weight Loss Thoughts – By Dr. Ron Repice

When it comes to losing weight, your own mind can be your biggest enemy, whether it’s talking yourself out of a workout or throwing a mental tantrum when your skinny coworker indulges in yet another handful of the office M&Ms (Where is she putting them?? I mean, seriously. Where?!?).

As hard as it can seem, changing your inner dialogue is vital to hitting your weight loss goals—and it takes a lot of the stress and drama out of the journey. “It’s completely possible to reframe those self-defeating thoughts.”

Learn to trash these destructive thoughts for a more positive outlook, and you might find the process of dropping pounds is actually—believe it or not—rather enjoyable, especially if you’re using our whole food dietary supplements.

Destructive thought:
“I shouldn’t deprive myself.”

How many times has this thought crossed your mind as you’re staring down the bread basket or considering dessert? After all, everyone else is getting to eat those things and some of those people are not putting on any extra pounds. But once you go down this road, it’s very hard to stick to a healthy eating plan without feeling like your life sucks.

The result:
You cave in. And if it’s happening regularly, (which it does for a lot of people trying to lose their weight) it’s keeping you from hitting your goals.
Change it:
The exact definition of “deprivation” is: the damaging lack of material benefits considered to be basic necessitates in a society. The key word here: necessities. Food, in general, is certainly a necessity. But a brownie? Really? You get the point. So the next time this thought whispers across your brain, take a step back and ask yourself these two important questions. 1: Am I really depriving myself of a necessity? And 2: If I don’t change my eating habits, what am I really depriving myself of? The answer: A healthier, happier, more fun filled life. Keep that in mind and you’ll happily pass up the junk.

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