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Cavi Lipo & Lipo Light LED Technology

Our trimming & slimming services are here with the ability to transform your body and your confidence. With our help, and the help of Lipo Light & Cavi Lipo, you can gently, safely, and yet quickly, ease inches and fat from your waist & belly, thighs, or any bodily location which has been giving you trouble and requires a bit of extra effort.

This does not replace healthy eating, exercising, and other body care regimen. However, it can help to kickstart your regimen or slough off that final little nagging bit that you haven’t yet worked off. It is also great as an extra bonus when you’re planning for beach season or going on a vacation mid-winter to a beachy locale.

The best part is there’s no downtime, no recovery, and you can walk out of here and throw your jeans on that you came in with. (You’ll probably even notice they already feel more comfortable)

Try it today!

Dr. Ron Repice, “The Drugless Doctor” showing the latest equipment in Non-Surgical Body Scultping….. Cavi-Lipo and lipo-Light LED

Time to Get in Shape & Lose that Weight!!
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