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Dr. Ron “The Drugless Doctor” Medical Moment
Did you know that you are absorbing toxic halides while you shower?
Did you know that this has a “Direct Impact” on your Thyroid?
Well….. there is a simple and inexpensive solution !!

Check out what Dr. Ron has today in his “Medical Moment” for 1-26-15
Dr. Ron Repice of Rejuvenations Total Health & Lipo-Light Naples Body Sculpting

Your Thyroid affects a whole lot more than you might think. It affects weight in men and women both, is a huge player in diabetes, and also has a huge affect on reproduction and hormones in general. You would be surprised how much it matters to balance your thyroid and all the chaos that can insue if you don’t take proper measures to take care of your thyroid.

Learn from us. Check out this video and then talk to Dr. Repice in your next consultation to make sure that your thyroid is being managed, balanced, and taken care of.

There are foods you can eat, supplements you can take, and exercise is also really, really good for your thyroid too. Make sure you’re doing all the right things to stay healthy and take care of your body!

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