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Dr. Ron Repice – “Your Drugless Doctor” Naples Weight Loss Doc & Coach
Today we have another “Medical Moment” — Brief introduction to MCT Oil
Medium Chain Triglyceride. This is a great addition to our weight loss program and something to consider adding to your Smoothies and Shakes. This oil responds in the body like a Carbohydrate without spiking and or affecting Blood Sugar.

This medical moment was brought to you because of two reasons:

1) I care about people’s nutrition and I want you to reap all the benefits of good nutrition without all the setbacks that come with certain foods.

2) I want you to lose weight if that’s what matters to you. It matters to me! Not because I want to see everyone have a perfect body. Instead, I want people to be HAPPY with themselves and for many, that means weight loss. Also, I know that weight loss affects your health. Of course, cholesterol and excess weight are bad for your lungs and heart but even before that, excess weight is hard to carry around and can wreak serious havoc on your spine and joints even causing injury.
Take a look at the video and contact me with any further questions.
Dr. Ron Your Drugless Doctor w today’s medical moment
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