Dr Ron of Rejuvenations & Lipo-Light Naples with a Medical Moment Iodine & Aginine

Rejuvenations and Lipo-Light Naples …. Dr. Ron “The Drugless Doctor” discusses Iodine and Thyroid Hypofunction as well as the Amino Acid Arginine and its cardiovascular benefits.

You need to understand the importance of Arginine as it pertains to your heart health. By watching this video you can begin to be filled in on what this amino acid does for your body and how to make sure there is no deficiency of it in your body.

We can also talk about Iodine and thyroid hypofunction so that you can better understand the effects of these things in your life.

The entire point of this video is to educate you on how to take care of yourself and to recognize symptoms and do something about them.

If your health matters to you – and it should – you have to be proactive and know that what you do DOES affect your body and your health in either a positive or a negative way,

Make a change in the positive direction by learning everything there is to know from Dr. Ron Repice of Rejuvenations here in Naples Florida.

Avoid thyroid conditions and cardiovascular disintegration by taking care of your amino acids and considering your iodine leves.

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