Dr. Ron Repice on Fox 4 Morning Blend

Dr. Repice was featured on Fox 4’s Morning Blend show, where he explained the Lipo Light, which is used to slim, shape and tone your body!

Did you miss this edition of Fox 4 Morning Blend? If so, you missed Ron Repice talking about the Lipo Light. We are sure you’d like to see it (or see it again, if you watched it on TV) AND so… here it is!

Check out the spot and learn more – straight from the doctor’s mouth- about the experience and the benefits surrounding the Lipo Light. You are here, right now, getting a free consultation on the Lipo Light by listening in on this taping.

The best part is, you know now what questions you want to ask and that you are behind schedule for signing up and reaping the benefits of this enormously popular, noninvasive little gem.

You want to have a slimmer form. You want to look and feel better in whatever you wear. SO it’s time to try Lipo Light and enjoy those very benefits you have been seeking.

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