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Thyroid…. Wonder why you have all the symptoms but yet the Lab Testing is telling a different story. When Labs are in the “Normal Range”, a few things must be considered….
1) was the study a complete Thyroid Panel or just a TSH??
2) was a History taken specific to the concerns of Low Thyroid??
3) was the Antibody testing done to rule out an Auto-Immune Thyroid issue??

Dr. Ron Repice – “The Drugless Doctor” & “Naples Weight Loss Doc”
with another very interesting video providing some important reading material to consider. Enjoy this video… It is slightly longer than usual but well worth you time!!

If you are someone who has all of those symptoms associated with a thyroid condition but was given insufficient labs to determine whether or not you are at risk for a thyroid condition, it is important that you take measures to balance your thyroid even in absence of a diagnosis. There are many things you can do which would benefit you with or without a diagnosis and are just general healthy habits.

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