Faces of Cryotherapy by Dr. Ron Repice

Faces of Cryotherapy
by: Dr. Ron Repice

2017… It’s time to check out….

If you haven’t seen your face here then
… You haven’t been to see Dr Ron !!

Why suffer when our Extreme Cold Air
Cryo Spa treatment only takes 3 minutes.

It’s Fun, Invigorating, Energizing, & Healing

Rapid recovery of Sports Injuries
Suffering with Neck & Back pain?
Having Shoulder or Knee Pain?

Come to See Dr Ron
for his 30 Day Weight Loss Program
and Non-Surgical Body Sculpting

Now offering Cavi- Lipo Ultrasound Cavitation

Rejuvenations… COOL Cryo Spa
“Your Place to CHILL”
1575 Pine Ridge Rd Suite 6
Naples FL 34109

(239) 658-COOL (2665)

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