Fox News Report on Ultrasonic Cavitation – Cavi Lipo

Interested in Cavi Lipo? You can shed excess fat without traditional liposuction. This is noninvasive and does not require incisions or any other surgery like that. We offer it right in our office. What’s great about it?

Well, this is not JUST the less invasive version of a surgery. There is NO recovery for this. The fat gets broken down by ultrasound technology which is not harmful to you. This is safe!

This is not painful. There are immediate results within 14 days of each treatment. Just a few treatments will have you experience the results YOU want. We’re here waiting to provide this treatment for you.

Studies show, there are no side effects whatsoever which makes this FDA approved as safe just as much as it is effective. If you experience a bit of redness or something, it will go away and won’t be painful – this is just the result of people’s variations in pigment. Cavi Lipo is unreal. We believe in it – as your natural weight-loss doc – and that’s why we offer it here in our office! Call today to schedule!

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