Is Cryotherapy for Weight Loss?

What is the Skizzy on Cryotherapy, Cool Sculpting & Weight Loss?
by: Dr Ron Repice, D.C., D.A.C.N.B.

There are a lot of questions out there about Whole Body Cryotherapy.  At Rejuvenations Inc.. & Cryo Spa here in Naples FL, we have offered Nitrogen Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) for over 7 years now and we get lots of questions as to what and why someone would want to use this technique.

One of the big confusions seems to be the difference between Cool Sculpting and Cool Cryotherapy.  It seems that the concept of Cool in the title Cool Sculpting drawls some confusion and this is understandable.  Cool Sculpting uses a cooling technology that allows for cooling below the  skin (Sub Dermal) and this sub-dermal cooling system can effect the fat cells and create lipolysis or reduction in fat tissue.  There is a large contrast between whole body cryotherapy and cool sculpting in that as apposed to the sub-dermal cooling which can destroy fatty tissue / fat cells with cool sculpting, whole body cryotherapy uses cold air to cool the skins surface know as supra-dermal cooling.  The rapid cooling of the external skin surface triggers a shivering response and also activate the brain and sympathetic nervous system, know as the Fight or Flight Response.

In our facilities we utilize Nitrogen Vapor to create and extremely dry / humidity free environment that allow the Cryotherapy Sauna to be very comfortable at temperatures between -200 to -250 degrees Fahrenheit.  Patients and clients step into the sauna in which their head is out the top of the unit, which minimizes claustrophobia and also allows for a private experience.  The exposure of the body to cold does have a place in its ability over time to increase metabolic rate and thus allow cryotherapy clients to burn more calories and to increase mitochondrial production which is the part of every living cell that generates our heat.  Mitochondria is an area that is now being highly studies in 2020 for the immune system and lifespan.

The notion that one can use Whole Body Cryotherapy for the purpose of weight loss in and of itself is unfounded.  At our center we do use Cryotherapy in conjunction with something called Red Light Therapy.  The combination of Cryotherapy and Red Light Therapy works very well to enhance collagen turnover and at the same time boost the metabolism and increase mitochondrial biogenesis which assists in lipolysis, which is a reduction in fat cell size.  Red Light Therapy in and of itself has been scientifically documented to assist in losing inches around the waist area and created a reduction of fat.  This combination does fall into the category of Cool Sculpting, but once again just using Cryotherapy alone does not.  In our program for body rejuvenation, we explain to our patients that life coaching, to include a review of a daily diet diary is critical and that nutrition coaching, along with stress management is essential, whether one uses technologies like cool sculpting, red light therapy combined with whole body cryotherapy or any device as the technologies in and of themselves will unlikely provide and long time solution to fat loss or inches lost around ones waist and this a combined approach is much more beneficial.

Things to consider regards to weight loss:
1) Are you willing to be a team player and put in the work?
2) Are you willing to make dietary changes to support better health?
3) Are you willing to add an exercise program for your heart health?
4) Are you expecting a technology / technologies to be your solution?
5) Are you expecting the weight loss to be rapid?
6) Are you wanting the weight loss to be fat loss and not water loss?
7) Are you willing to work on a healthy lifestyle?
8) Are you willing to drink the water needed for optimum health?
9) Are you willing to turn off your devices at least 1 hr before bedtime?
10) Are you willing to:  Do YOUR PART?

If you answering YES.. to all 10 above then there is a good chance that you will be successful whether you use Red Light Therapy, Whole Body Cryotherapy, Cool Sculpting, Lipo-Light, Cavi Lipo or any other device that has been shown effective for body sculpting / body contouring / fat loss / weight loss.

We like Cavi Lipo Ultrasound for small areas, especially the abdominal area.  Red Light or Lipo Light uses a 2 frequencies of light energy to target areas of desired fat loss.

Conclusion is that we one combines Lifestyle Modification along with Fat loss devises and then add on whole body cryotherapy, one has a powerful combination approach.   The other area to consider in this day in age is the ability of techniques to boost the immune system and Cryotherapy and Red Light are powerhouses for boosting the immune system.

So… What are you waiting for?  Time to get started!!
Dr. Ron Repice

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