Joyce Meyer Battlefield of the Mind – Dr. Ron Repice

I am sharing one of my favorites with you: Joyce Meyer
I have just re-visited the Audio series and book: Battlefield of the Mind
The power of the human mind is truly amazing! Your mindset and what you think and focus on will set the tone as to where you will be in your life…. good or bad!

This means – of course – that YOU have the ultimate control in the directions your life takes and what you do with those twists and turns. If you think negatively and suffer a loss of belief in yourself, your life path will reflect that. However, if you believe in yourself and your endeavors, and if you work hard and make an effort, you can get anywhere you want in life.

This pertains to family and relationships, friendships, your career, and yes – even your health & wellness. I’m a big proponent of this theory on life and a big fan of the brilliant Joyce Meyer. I recommend all of you check out her work and consider the ways that you can transform your life through thought & belief.

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