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We do Weight Loss DIFFERENTLY!

Cavi Lipo

This revolutionary product does everything liposuction can do but requires NO incisions, no down time, no recovery and… drumroll… no PAIN! Instead, this treatment uses Ultrasonic technology and is completely painfree and side effect free.

Lipo Light

Another product like liposuction but without all the hassle and havoc. This one uses a simple light to slough off inches, pounds, and cellulite all while you are comfortable and at ease, never having to recover. What could be better?

Weight Loss Programs

We offer 30 day programs and other special events plus traditional counseling and advisement services for our patients. With this, you can be guided through the steps to reach major goals in just 30 days.

Weight Loss Supplements

We offer a variety of supplements and other products that are guaranteed to aid in your digestion and weight loss endeavors and overall good health. You can inquire about these at your next visit to us!

Videos & Online Support

Yet another great thing about Dr. Ron is he is always virtually on call because you can see him in videos and blog talk radio presentations to learn other things besides what you discussed in your appointment.

Plus – an entire gamut of physiotherapy, injury rehab, and chiropractic care.

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