Lose weight quickly, safely and effectively with Dr. Ron Repice. Your Drugless Doctor!

Dr. Repice – “Your Drugless Doctor” “Naples Weight Loss Doc”
See what people are saying about my 30 Weight Loss Program!!
It is truly amazing and truly Simple…. Ya gotta join our Lipo-Light Lifestyle – Helping people right here in Naples to Look Better and FEEL BETTER!!
Great Job Irv. You look like a different person and you look Great!

It takes 21 days to instill a habit into your life. Our thirty day program can do that and more. You will see results right away and maintain & add upon them all month long until you look back and wonder who that person even IS in your before photo. That’s what happened to Irv. When he began our program, he set a goal and wanted to be 25 pounds lighter, thinner, and stronger. He made his goal, as we all know, within the thirty day period. However, a greater transformation took place where now Irv has new habits, lives a different life, and all of the things he does now are devoted to health, wellness, and longevity.

At Rejuvenations, we are SO proud of Irv for his commitment to his own health and to his life. We want to see this happen for all of our other clients and want that success for everyone.

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