Majestic Cryo Announces Launch of First Location in Naples, Florida

Led by Dr. Ronald Repice of Rejuvenations Chiropractic of Naples, Florida Offering Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole body cryotherapy is an exciting therapy that has the world buzzing. Leaders in the area, Majestic Cryo, recently announced the launch of their first location in Naples, Florida headed by Dr. Ronald Repice and his COOL Cryo Spa offering both whole body cryotherapy and access to a revolutionary Cryoness cryosauna.

For people seeking optimal physical conditioning or trying to speed up the healing of injuries, more and more often the cutting edge therapy of whole body cryotherapy is being considered. While widely discussed and endorsed by celebrities and professional athletes, the number of places in the United States to receive these treatments is currently still very small in comparison to the rest of the world.

Leaders in the area whole body cryotherapy manufacturingMajestic Cryo, recently announced they have opened their first location in Naples, Florida for Dr. Ronald Repice. The state of the art office, COOL Cryo Spa, features whole body cryotherapy and access to a state of the art Cryoness cryosauna.

The local Naples community has responded with great enthusiasm.“We are excited to have Dr. Ronald Repice in the Majestic Cryo family and are looking forward to supporting the first ever Cryoness location in the United States.” Joel Cruzada, Director of Marketing and Sales for Majestic Cryo. “We know this is going to be a huge success, and Dr. Repice is going to exceed client expectations.”

According to the company, whole body cryotherapy has been credited with delivering a number of benefits. Some highlights include: skyrocketing recovery, and helping reduce joint and muscle pain; speeding up fat loss; delivering healthy, tighter skin and other aesthetic benefits; and slowing the aging process.

The COOL Cryo Spa Naples office will feature the first Cryoness cryosauna in the United States, making it likely to be a place visited by cryotherapy enthusiasts from across the country.

For more information on the first whole body cryotherapy location in Naples, be sure to visit Dr. Ronald Repice, DC at Rejuvenations Total Health Center 1575 Pine Ridge Rd #6, Naples, FL 34109. Call (239) 658-COOL (2665) or visit

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