Medicine of the Future with Dr. Smith and Dr. Mike

Dr. Ron and Dr. Ron interview two physicians and discuss technologies available today which will be common in the future. This was brought to you by rejuvenations health radio on blog talk radio. We broadcast every Thursday at 1PM. Tune in at­hradio or call [msgmetric_phone].

Want to know more about how the field of medicine is changing right before our eyes? Listen to this! We’re talking about the technology that is being considered or is in development now and can be seen as the future of health. We’re talking about noninvasive methodologies. We’re talking about natural healing. We’re discussing – alongside Dr. Mike and Dr. Smith – just what you can expect in the next decades of your life.

You will want to be filled in on these things because they will become the norm in your lifetime. In the field of medicine, it is important to stay current so that you know what is available to you in case of an injury, illness, condition, or other problem. You want to know what steps you can take and – as we believe here at Rejuvenations – pills just aren’t the answer anymore. Better things are on the market now and better things are on the horizon so check it out!

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