Pain is actually a Good Thing! by Dr. Ron Repice

Pain Acutally a Good thing!
by: Dr. Ron Repice

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If you’re like me, you probably think that I made a mistake by telling you that pain is actually a good thing. Well guess what? I did not make an error. We’ve done the research and we found out, through trial and error, that even three simple adjustments, will start to help your nervous system.

This really is a fascinating thing about structural alignment and how it affects not only your immune and endocrine systems, but also the absorption of nutrients and several other health functions, besides making you feel better.

Now let me take you just a step in the right direction.
In the event you are worried about back pain, (and if you have back pain you should be) I want you to consider something really easy. You can start by altering the kind of shoes you choose to wear.
You should also wear a different shoe everyday because it helps you keep better alignment, plus it helps your shoes last longer, even if you’re a construction worker. Here’s what we know. Improper footwear, such as shoes which are too small or too big, can make you slump over to keep your balance.
That’s a poor position for you and it’s also a poor position that can lead to MORE back pain and other back problems that we’re not going to discuss in this short article.
Here’s another simple tip: Don’t wear shoes that don’t fit correctly, particularly if you’ve had trouble while wearing the shoes you had on while walking. Here’s the best thing to do. Make sure you keep your appointments, but also purchase some insoles and just wear them for short periods of time in the event you have to wear them.
When you’re making structural changes like they do, you want to kind of blend in. Work them a little bit, get used to wearing the new shoe, but never give up because the answer really is just around the corner for you.
Pain is there for a reason, so take it seriously and don’t let too many weeks go by without making an all important meeting. Call me now to make sure you have an appointment scheduled in the future.

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