Pain Relief with Red Light Therapy

Pain Relieving Power of Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy, commonly know as “Red Light” is simply utilizing a specific frequency of Light Energy to promote healing through reduction of inflammation.  Red Light for pain relief is most commonly in the light frequency range of 660 nm and also commonly incorporated a 2nd frequency know as “Near Infrared” and this frequency is commonly around the 950 nm wave length of light.

When you think of light, think about the power and the properties that the Sunshine delivers.  Sunlight affects not only how we feel and how our mood is, but it also provides important nutrients like Vitamin D and can increase melanin in the skin that causes the darker pigmentation.  When it come to Red Light & Near Infrared, there are tons of research demonstrating the power effects not only in the area of pain relief and reduction of inflammation, but the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by positively affecting the collagen in the skin.  The near infrared is one of the deeper wavelengths of light that does not cause any burning but creates a convection effect stimulating heat production from the inside of the bod.

Light Therapy, know as Photobiomodulation (PBM), such as our Red Light Wall can also increase our energy production cells known as Mitochondria, often termed Mitochondrial Biogenesis.  The increased mitochondria can assist in “Browning the Fat” which is the difference in white meat vs dark meat, say when you carve up a turkey.  The increase in brown fat help assist in fat metabolism and thus can be helpful in fat loss or reduction in belly fat in particular.

Our Red Light Wall system is a standing system and the treatment time is less than 15 minutes to treat the entire body.  Not only is the notion that simply technologies like Red Light (PBM) can good for fat loss, but it is also very effective means of pain relief and sports recovery.  It is not uncommon for professional athletes to use light therapy and most specifically red light and near infrared to enhance performance and speed recovery from injuries to over training.

I will be putting more information about our newest Red Light Wall Technology in future blog post, but for now, I hope this gives you some overview and a few of the concepts and reasons patients and clients seek out these amazing therapies.

Dr. Ron Repice
Naples Florida
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