Pat Koch Chiropractic Testimonial

This is Pat Koch. She came to Dr. Ron Repice at the Rejuvenations Chiropractic Care Center just six months before she provided this testimonial video. Pat became a patient because she felt she was on the cusp of back surgery. After just those six months with us, she felt so much better that she opted out of surgery and now feels great. After becoming a patient of Dr. Repice, Pat’s pain was gone from her neck and back. She could resume normal life because of this pain eradication and did not have to risk herself and her well-being by going under the knife to solve a problem, thus posing one problem against another and having to endure recovery.

Pat made a great choice by coming to Rejuvenations and she now reaps the rewards. You can, too.

Pat mentions appreciating Dr. Repice. We appreciate Pat, too. She is a great example of a patient who works hard and cares for herself, believed in herself enough to collaborate with us in helping her, and has been a fabulous patient to have.

Do you want to experience what Pat has experienced? Call us now to begin your free consultation and get set up with whatever services might benefit you in this time of your life.

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