Pink Salt & Himalyan Salt by Dr. Ron Repice

Mineral Salts.. “A Must”
Dr. Ron Repice “Your Drugless Doctor, Naples Weight Loss Doc, Your Coach!”
If you are not using a good Mineral Salt, then the Time is Now!
I like Pink Salt from Premier Research Labs or Himalayan Salt. These salts do not cause water retention / bloating like “Table Salt” Sodium Chloride. Mineral are necessary for conductivity and thus not only do not create the bloating and actually support healthy heart function.

This is a revolution for people who like to season their food but do not want to experience the extra water retention and general ill health that an excess of sodium will certainly incur. These salts provide the same great taste with all the benefits and none of the ugly side effects of traditional sodium chloride table salt. It is imperative that you make the switch if you are truly concerned about your health and wanting to be conscientious about what you put in your body.

Fortunately, we offer pink salt right inside your convenient Naples office so you do not have to order it from some unreliable source and wonder about what you are getting.

Pick up your Pink Salt today.

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