Sweet Deception! Is Sugar Harmful?

Today I would like to talk to you about a crisis that
is growing by leaps and bounds.


Imagine pouring a 5 pound bag of sugar down your throat.

Imagine pouring a 5 pound bag of sugar down your spouses throat.

Imagine pouring a 5 pound bag of sugar down the throats of your

ABSURD right?

I mean who would do that?

Well get this.

Research shows that this is how much sugar each
American man, woman and child gets EACH month –
and MOST of it does NOT come from the sugar bowl.

Got your attention yet?

Sweeteners go by more than 50 names and hide out in
virtually all processed foods, from bagels and fruit –
flavored yogurt to ketchup on your burger.

Added sugars have grown exponentially since the early
1900s – by more than 2100% – which is ASTONISHING to

Researchers say its no coincidence that as food we
eat grows sweeter, rates of obesity and blood sugar
problems – including metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes,
full blown type 2 diabetes have soared.

Sugar entwines people in a love – hate relationship.

Your body needs a steady supply of blood sugar, the
primary fuel burned by your cells.

But… the carbohydrates that we eat and drink are
more treacherous than ever before.

Refined carbs (white bread, baked goods and snack foods)
can make blood sugar skyrocket to dangerous levels.

The bottom line for you: Blood sugar problems can zap
your energy levels, make weight loss difficult or nearly
impossible and put you at risk for an astonishing variety
of serious health problems, including heart attack, stroke,
alzheimer’s disease, sexual difficulties and some cancers.


There is HELP!! – we have developed a diabetes and weight
loss program that can help you get your sugar under control.

The program has worked for many and we are convinced that it
can help you.

Call the office today.

Dr. Ronald M. Repice
“Your Drugless Doctor”

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