• I had my first appointment with Dr. Ron today and I left feeling like I had the tools to be successful with my weight loss goals. I am looking forward to my second Lipo Light session and can't wait to see the results I know I can achieve with this program. Thank you.

    Leah Bedi Avatar
    Leah Bedi
  • Dr. Ron is genuine and caring in his approach to helping me get through my back pain and inflammation. I would highly recommend his services to anyone!!

    Kathy Sweet Avatar
    Kathy Sweet
  • We go hard @infernommagym and with hard work there needs to be proper recovering and healing. Thank you so much @cryonaples, @heathercaputo75 and Dr.Ron for the much needed CryoTherapy healing. I feel like a million bucks. I swear, I walked out of here ready to conquer the world. If you in Naples area make sure too check them out. CryoTherapy works wonders. I will be coming back regularly for sure.

    Dino Sunny Avatar
    Dino Sunny
  • Truly an amazing pharmacy. Joe and his staff provide top-notch care to his patients and physicians. We are lucky to have a place like this in our community.

    J Casey Avatar
    J Casey
  • Cool cryo spa is amazing and one of the best forms of therapy for injuries, stress, and chronic fatigue. My husband and I are both athletes with small children. We have found cyro therapy to be a life save and relief to old and new injuries. Dr. Ron was super friendly and helpful. He is well informed in this field. I would highly recommend!

    Lisa King Avatar
    Lisa King
  • Dr. Ron is thorough, professional, and open to listen to your concerns and problems. The cryo spa is amazing. I've had 6 treatments and I can say that I immediately feel better. Achy muscles don't ache. Energy levels increase. This lasts 2 to 3 days for me.

    I have polymyalgia, and I'm always looking for an edge...something that will help with the horrible shoulder pains, hand and wrist aches, and more. This is very helpful. Give him a try.

    Joe Sadelfeld Avatar
    Joe Sadelfeld
  • Dr. Ron is my life savor. He went out of his way to personally call me back ASAP and meet with me last minute. I showed up in a lot a pain and left feeling relaxed. He is a very brilliant guy that knows his information about cryotherapy from the inside out. If you are looking for some relief with chronic pain, improve performance while speeding up recovery, decrease inflammation, boost your immune system or burn some calories, I highly recommend checking Dr. Ron out.. (ladies he’s not bad looking either ;)). I look forward to coming back for another session and even trying out the Red Light Wall. Thank you again Dr. Ron.

    Bryn Post Avatar
    Bryn Post
  • I like to share when people impress me. This little place did just that. The owner took my script which was a compound and had it ready in less than 10 minutes. I then asked the pharmacist about some CBD oils that he had displayed and he invited me to an education forum that night. I asked many questions as to the benefits and so forth and he took the time to educate me. He gave me some papers and said I would rather educate you first then try to sell you something just to sell it. That impressed me. It is a little far for me to go but my dr is right across the street, so I will be seeing him again. Check this place out , it is not your local BIG PHARMACY, it is a small owner run place that goes the extra mile. I miss that in the world.

    Ray Bezares Avatar
    Ray Bezares
  • Loved it and felt even better the next day. Sciatic pain for months....one cryotherapy and a red light treatment, and no more pain. Can’t wait to go back.

    Michelle Zambelli Avatar
    Michelle Zambelli
  • Dr. Ron was awesome! Very informative and took the time to explain the process. Made me feel very comfortable. Definitely going back!

    Gwen Andersen Avatar
    Gwen Andersen
  • As a personal trainer and wellness coach, I am always up for trying out new and trending technologies so I may pass along my experience to my clients. Dr. Ron is warm and professional despite the chilling experience. I found my body responded positively immediately after my session. My muscles were less sore and I felt energized. I was sold on the therapy about an hour later. After sitting at lunch for a solid 40 minutes, I stood up and for the first time in years, had no stiffness in my knees. They straightened out as if I were a teenager again. I will definitely be going back to explore the effects of multiple whole body cryotherapy sessions!

    carrie bamberger Avatar
    carrie bamberger
  • Dr Ron is great. It was our fist time there time doing cryo session. He fully explained everything, and was very knowledgeable. We will be back to FLA for a session. We only wish he opened in NY. thank you Dr Ron!

    Cynthia Capalbo Avatar
    Cynthia Capalbo
  • Dr. Ron is the best! He is very friendly and knowledgeable. He took the time to explain the entire process and the benefits of cryotherapy. I went with my dad who lives in Naples and we will both be doing cryotherapy with Dr. Ron going forward.

    Connor Shanks Avatar
    Connor Shanks
  • Dr Ron is great.. patient and well informed to the education behind his treatments!

    Loretta Young Avatar
    Loretta Young
  • An amazing experience with great education on a different treatment option for my back pain. Cryo & Red Light Therapy together gave me the relief and rejuvenation I needed. I will definitely return and tell my friends and family about this awesome experience. Thank you Dr. Ron!

    Soni Kayse Avatar
    Soni Kayse
  • I love Apothicare 360! The new owners, Joe and Deanna are wonderful. They are both very knowledgeable and attentive to your every needs. You never feel rushed. They are willing to take the time to best meet your individual needs.

    In addition to compounding prescriptions, they also offer many different types of therapies such as Cryotherapy, Bio-Electric Magnetic Energy therapy and IV therapy.

    If you have never been there, it is well worth a visit.

    Robin Connolly Avatar
    Robin Connolly
  • I had my first whole body cryotherapy treatment with Dr Ron 2 days ago. I didn’t know what to expect, but Dr Ron was so comforting in his explanation of the treatment and its potential benefits. My daughter and I came together and he showed us around the facility and answered ALL our questions and found time for us to take the plunge together.

    My severe ankle arthritis feels better already and I can’t wait to return for more treatments.

    Thanks Dr Ron for a medically managed approach to pain and inflammation!

    Meg Hogan Avatar
    Meg Hogan
  • This place is great. I am writing this review from inside the building because I’ve been so impressed before we were even finished. My wife and I sought them out when she was suffering MS/POTS symptoms while on vacation, and they have gone above and beyond to make her comfortable and get her the infusion and fluids that she needs. They took the time needed and the friendly staff has been informative and inviting.

    Cannot thank these guys enough.

    Timothy Shanks Avatar
    Timothy Shanks
  • Dr. Ron Repice was super friendly. Great experience. I would do it again.

    Sal Lopes Avatar
    Sal Lopes
  • Under new management. New owners Joe and Deanna are pharmacists that are knowledgeable, kind and...funny!

    They offer so much - chryo therapy, different types of iv treatments, compounding etc etc.

    Burlington Youth Basketball Avatar
    Burlington Youth Basketball
  • I did the Cryo twice already and body balance... amazing... felt very good right after. I took my mother to see Dr. Ron as well.. She did the Cryo, body balance and red light therapy... She loved it... Than you Dr. Ron..I am very happy with your service and that these therapies do work... 🙂

    Nico Paredes Realtor Avatar
    Nico Paredes Realtor
  • Dr. Ron is a knowledgeable caring physcian and provides me with excellent adjustments and Chiropractic care.

    Dr.Paul Finucan Avatar
    Dr.Paul Finucan
  • After poor weight loss results on my own, I decided to get some professional help. I did my research and found Dr. Ron / Rejuvenations FL. I decided to try the Cavi-Lipo Treatments and after 6 sessions I was able to lose 15 pounds. I went from 213 to 198 in a couple of weeks. Dr. Ron's knowledge and experience around nutrition, eating habits, water consumption and The Cavi-Lipo Treatments gave me exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Dr. Ron 🙂

    Chuck C Avatar
    Chuck C
  • fast & friendly service 🙂

    Ashlyn Hines Avatar
    Ashlyn Hines
  • The Cryo therapy was one of the most amazing experiences that I've ever had. The staff at the Cryo Spa made it a wonderful experience and I will definitely be going back.

    Aaron Zartman Avatar
    Aaron Zartman
  • Cool cryo spa is amazing and one of the best forms of therapy for injuries, stress, and chronic fatigue. My husband and I are both athletes with small children. We have found cyro therapy to be a life save and relief to old and new injuries. Dr. Ron was super friendly and helpful. He is well informed in this field. I would highly recommend!

    Lisa King Avatar
    Lisa King
  • I was given a certificate by my Daughter and visited Dr. Ron's Cool Cryo Spa this week and came away very impressed. As a competitive runner I am constantly bothered by pain and stiffness in the back, knees and joints. I experienced a noticeable reduction in stiffness throughout and remained so even after a training run the same day! Even the soles of my feet are pain-free. I will be returning to the Spa shortly and would suggest you give this 3 minute treatment a try .

    John McMullen Avatar
    John McMullen
  • I had neck issues to the point I could not turn my neck to the left. I had shoulder surgery 1 1/2 years ago. The pain in my shoulder was to the point I could not stand my bra strap on it! I did one treatment of Cryo with the adjustment and went in the next day just to be adjusted again. WOW!! I can move my neck again and NO shoulder pain!!

    Darlene Detweiler Avatar
    Darlene Detweiler
  • I have had whole body cryotherapy now two times. Yesterday I had a session now two weeks after arthroscopic surgery to my knee. Today, the swelling in the knee has significantly gone down, and also had a wonderful night sleep, free from aches.

    This is a very professional office. Plan on continuing this therapy.

    Susan Avatar


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