The Secret to Weight Loss – Intermittent Fasting

The Secret to Weight Loss
by: Dr. Ron Repice

Many of our clients hear us talk about the amazing effects of
Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), Cold Air Sauna. We talk about the power of Hemp Oil / CBD Oil and the Endocannabinoid System and the power that these natural products and techniques have on reducing inflammation and thus pain relief… BUT…
How about Weight Loss?
Well…. I am so glad that you asked! Weight Loss seems to be many, many peoples concerns as it relates to how one feels, and how it relates to longevity, not to mention how one feels as to how they think they look in the mirror naked! How you look in the mirror is generally the main issue and the main reason why people at a certain point in their lives take action. For well beyond 60+ years here in the U.S., we have focused so much attention to the “Calorie” model of weight loss. We are all familiar with the different commercials on TV showing all the before and after photos and the delicious pre-packaged meals and microwave dinners… Yuck!!

Well, here at Rejuvenations Inc, Dr. Ron Repice has changed things up a bit. No more Microwave Meals and No More Package Wrapped Yucky Food that wasn’t any good for you in the least in the first place. Right now there is a movement toward a much better and a much more simple approach to loosing weight. Weight Loss does not have to be hard nor difficult. Weight Loss does not have to involve eating foods that taste terrible and in fact, the system here at Rejuvenations is a system that Dr. Ron Repice put together that actually brings in “Real Food” and foods that curb your appetite so that clients learn:
1) How to take control over their appetite
2) Learn how to easily balance Blood Sugar
3) Learn how not to worry about “Caloric Control”
4) How to cleanse the body with a cellular cleansing that is easy

Dr Repice back in 2016 starting to implement a system that is slowly becoming the new rage! Intermittent Fasting is the term.
There are so many books and so many diets, like the Cabbage Soup Diet and the South Beach diet and the Zone… etc etc.
The main issue or at least one of the bigger issues, isn’t so much as to the agreement that Sugar and Carbohydrates create inflammation and bring about water retention, but yet most of these programs do not focus with regard to the “Timing” of your eating!

Dr. Repice started up a new program is 2017 that increased his original Dr’s 30 day supervised system to a 45 day physician supervised Lifestyle system and mentorship.

The Weight Loss strategies for one focus on time food restriction.
What does this mean? Well… again, glad you asked!
Since many of us have been taught for a very long time that we should not only eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, but yet we were told to eat in between those meals as well. This idea ended up having many of our clients that we meet with to a point where they were still eating 6 to 10 meals per day. The notion that eating every 2-3 hours seemed plausible with regards to “Keeping the Fire Burning” of the metabolism and to keep one from being Ravaging Hungry especially toward dinner hour, but…. that wasn’t the case! In fact, eating 6 to 10 meals a day just keeps people in a state of eating all the time and so there is No Reason for the body to “Burn Fat”, not to mention the great stress on the Pancreas, lending the the rapid rise in what is now known as the Metabolic Syndrome. We have Obese young children and children that have developed diabetes that didn’t exist before.

So.. What is the deal about Intermittent Fasting (IF)
Well, Intermittent fasting with Dr. Repice’s system involves clients to first reduce meals for 1-2 weeks to just 3 meals a day like in the olden days… also in the “Olden Days” .. mom would say: “No Snacking because it will ruin you dinner” … Correct or Correct!

Intermittent Fasting is an amazing Weight Loss / Lifestyle system that is “For Life”. After cutting back to 3 Squares a day, Dr. Repice will work with his clients to cut back on breakfast till there is point where eating is limited to 2 times per day… Thus, a window of time known as “Time Restricted Feeding” Essentially, clients will be eating in an “Eating Window” of 12pm to no later the 8pm in the evening. It is after 8:00PM that many many,,, did I say many people run into problems and get into trouble. It is int he evening after 8pm that our bodies / brain is preparing for slow down to heal, relax and rest / sleep.

Weight Loss is a huge topic and Dr. Repice, here in sunny Naples Florida has combined the science of timed restricted feeding, otherwise termed, Intermittent Fasting along with 2 fascinating technologies to boost the weight loss process, as well as a way to follow up with clients weekly for accountability.

To learn more, feel free to contact Dr. Repice at Rejuvenations & COOL Cryo Spa in Naples FL with locations in Fort Myers and access for clients in Sarasota.

Dr. Repice has put together a system that does not require drastic changes such as “Counting Points” nor eating foods that are preserved with lots of chemicals or that aren’t any good for you at all in the first place. Dr. Repice’s Weight Loss is Simple, Fast, Effective and Affordable. Enjoy the foods you love Enjoy taking control over eating rather than allowing eating to control you!! Learn what and when to eat. Learn about Red Light Technology, as well as Cryotherapy. These two technologies are a “Game Changer” and you will love feeling the Stress Relief and the Relaxation effects in only a few short minutes!

Weight Loss.. Can be Fun * Weight Loss… Can be long lasting

Weight Loss… Can Save Lives * Weight Loss.. Can Boost your Image

Weight Loss does not have to be hard!!

To learn more, contact Dr. Repice at Rejuventions Inc
Naples FL
Thanks so much

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