“The Window” to Weight Loss by: Dr. Ron Repice

“The Window” to Weight Loss
by: Dr. Ronald M. Repice

I have been in the Health and Fitness Industry for many, many years. I started to lift weights and attend Martial Arts at the age of 13 and I have been a Chiropractic Neurologist for over 23 years. For the longest time I was misinformed. It wasn’t till this past year that I learned and understood all the mistakes that not only I, but most people in the population have been making. I had to stop and shake my head to say: “How did I take so long to figure this thing called Weight Loss out?”

You see, we in the U.S. have been told many mistruths. The paradigm of Calories in versus Calories out, just simply does not work…. and never did!

When we see someone very much overweight, it is not uncommon to look at that individual and say to yourself, that this individual needs to stop eating their face off… Correct?? But.. the Truth is.. that much of the time, we are being so, so unfair, as it is not necessarily the fact that the individual is eating way to much in the form of calories, but yet the fact that these folks “Lack the Knowledge,” as in the Bible in Hosea where it states that .. Thow shall perish for lack of knowledge.

You see, it isn’t as simple as Calories in and Calories out. Timing and Food choices and how these decisions are made, make every bit of the difference. In fact, there is no way to get away from being a “Sugar Burner” and move toward being a “Fat burner” without making simple, but specific changes to your lifestyle.


Knowledge is power and I can help you on the road to looking and feeling better in 2018.

Learn about Whole Body Cryotherapy
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Learn about Lipo-Light Body Fat Reduction
Learn about Blasting the Fat with Cavi Lipo

Learn how to reduce Inflammation and thus get out of pain naturally.

Take a stance and take charge of your life…. because nobody will do it for you!!

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