Weight Loss in a New Way! by Dr. Repice


Weight Loss in a New Way!

Times are changing! The one thing that seems to never change though is the desire to lose weight. There are many times during the years that people face this issue head on. One the of time is the Holiday Season and especially the New Year! People also like to take a vacation now and then and cruises are a perfect recipe for Weight Gain and the desire to lose weight upon returning home. Anyhow, no matter what your story is, more people than not wish to lose a few pounds or maybe there is a need to lose many, many pounds!

Dr. Ron Repice, a Chiropractor with a subspecialty in neurology with over 25 years of experience was one in approximately 20 location in the United States to bring into his Rejuvenations Center in Naples Florida something know as Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC). Whole Body Cryotherapy is a Cold Air Nitrogen Based Technology which is the exact opposite of a Dry Hot Sauna. The Cryotherapy Unit is a standing system and the treatment time is only 3 minutes, which makes it very convenient. Weight Loss has become a big focal point for Dr. Repice and as it relates to issue regarding low back pain and general joint pain, there often a need to talk to patients head on about their weight issue as it relates to pain. Using the latest Technologies for natural pain control, as well as weight loss has been a primary focal point for Dr. Repice at Rejuvenations COOL Cryo Spa. This 3 Minute Cold Air Cryotherapy Technology also has benefits regards to athletic recovery, as well as helping with issue such as Sleep, Energy, and Mood. By boosting metabolism, one can expect to lose weight more quickly, especially when combined with Red Light Lipo Technology and Dr. Repice’s Mentorship Program, which includes Dr Ron’s 4 Steps to Weight Loss.

As we enter a new era and as we enter the year 2019, Dr. Repice suggest looking to these Technologies to help internal healing by reducing Inflammation, which helps in Weight Loss, not to mention targeted Lipolysis using LED Red Light to focus the energy over a region especially the Abdomen. The most detrimental fat is Abdominal Fat and Organ Fat such as Fatty Liver Disease. Dr. Ron Repice combines his Weight Loss protocol to encompass education and the eating of “Real Whole Foods” in his Mentorship Program as he feels that these “Boxed & Microwave” type Weight Loss Systems are actually very harmful and not sustainable. The movement in the year to come as we enter 2019 is low glycemic / Keto / Paleo types systems combined with “Timed” eating protocols and what is known as “Timed Restricted Feeding”

Weight Loss is a very important topic and Dr. Repice of Rejuvnations Inc . in Naples Florida, with locations in Fort Myers and Sarasota, offers something cutting edge. The overall goal is to help people not only .. LOOK BETTER, BUT… FEEL Great and Look Great too! Without your health the whole Weight Loss and Fitness issue goes out the window. Keep a look out of future post on the various combinations that Dr. Repice has put together to help people with Losing Weight and Feeling Great. Whole Body Cryotherapy is something to keep your eye out for as it is a powerful tool to help in both of these areas.

Dr. Ronald M. Repice
Founder / owner of Rejuvenations Inc
“Transforming Lives”

Focusing on Weight Loss * Whole Body Cryotherapy * Lipo Light

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