Weight Loss.. There is a “Light” Way

Having Trouble Losing Weight?
-There may be a “Light” & Easy Way to Burn Belly Fat!!

If you like I have gained unwanted weight over the years, then
you understand the frustration that many people throughout the world face year after year.

Have you ever taken that vacation or gone on that cruise and came home feeling so, so, so guilty?  Have you gone on the fun vacation and come home over 15 pounds heavier that when you left?

These situation have presented themselves to most of us and often come up not just following a get away vacation, but yet over holidays or during more stressful times in our lives.

Well… there is something “Light” you can now do about it!
Here in the U.S., Obesity has continued to be on the rise and one of the more damaging things that create a compromise in ones immune system and health in general is Belly Fat.

When we over eat or eat too many carbohydrates, this will create an increase in Insulin Response and we we add stress / chronic stress that most of society is under these days, we add fuel to the fire.  Elevated Stress levels cause a hormone called Cortisol to rise and Cortisol tends to be a major contributor to the lovely creation of Abdominal Fat… which virtually.. None of Us Wants 🙂 … Unless you are a Sumo Wrestler.

Although we most learn to control or alter our fuel / food sources to minimize the frequency of elevated blood sugar and the insulin response the follows, we also must control Stress as well!  The Good news is that there is a “Light” way to slim, shape, and tone your body and this light is commonly know as Red Light or Photobiomodulation (PBM), formerly known as Low Level Laser (LLL).

In Brief, Red Light especially when combined with Near Infrared creates a power packed dual wavelength of light.  Near Infrared Light has a fairly deep penetrating ability and Red Light has shown good affects on belly fat which is a process we call Lipolysis.   Lipolysis is like a shrinking of a grape to a raisin affect.  Science is reflecting that Cold Exposure called Cryotherapy, which we often times combine with Red Light, as well as red light therapy itself helps in building more of our “Battery Cells” that produce our heat and energy that are termed, Mitochondria.  Mitochondrial Biogenesis is this increase “energy cell” production and thus increase heat / metabolic rate creating an ability to burn more calories and thus.. burn more fat!  As we increase these power pack organelles studies show that there is more prevelance of brown fat and brown fat vs white adipose tissue has the ability to help in body contouring via increased energy production and a more efficient metabolic flexibility.

So, what does this all matter?
If you are looking for safe and affordable way to slim down and reduce belly fat, then red light therapy may be just for you.
You can also combine with nitrogen whole body cryotherapy and lifestyle coaching, all of which we offer here at Rejuvenations and something we call our Body Rejuvenation System.

Clients typically are seen two times per week over the course of 6-12 weeks and they whole process is only 15-30 minutes in duration.

Feel free to call our office and speak with Dr. Repice about this process and to learn more about any of our services, please visit our web site at:  RejuvenationsFL.com

Red Light therapy is also great for your skin, wound healing, energy, sports recovery, including joint pain, back pain and arthritis.

Red Light Therapy is certainly worth exploring.
Hope you enjoyed this Blog on the “Light” way to Weight Loss!

Many Blessing to you all!
Doc Ron Repice



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