Wristrac in 3D + Web Site Video Instruction : Why have Carpal Tunnel Surgery 1st?

Wristrac, by Carpal Kinetics, LLC. Wristrac is a Non-Surgical devise for the treatment of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other wrist related disorders.
Wristrac is light weight and compact so it is convenient to use at home or work. Treatment is up to 4 times per day at 8-10 minute treatment sessions.
Why have Surgery 1st?

If you have CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) because of your repetitive use of your wrists and hands, chances are you have contemplated having “the surgery.” This is the worst thing you could be thinking about. You should be thinking about working out your wrists when you aren’t at work and using them. You should be thinking about strengthening your wrists. You should be thinking about traction therapy using our Wristrac device to provide gentle traction and change the way your wrist behaves.

This portable device is so easy and with our step by step tutorial video, you can learn how it is worn and used in just minutes. Also, you don’t have to wear this all day or be uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone. Instead, just use it for therapy periodically to feel better.

Get on Trac with Wristrac! This devise is portable and easy to use. Visit us at: www.wristrac.com or call 888-599-7246

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