Wristrac: Step-by-Step Instructional Video series #1

This is a step-by-step application for proper use of the Wristrac, wrist traction device by Carpal Kinetics.

This device is meant to provide traction to the wrist which protects the joint and helps to restore the joint. The device is placed on the patient palm-side up. It can be used on either hand.

The wrist crease is created by bending the wrist upward. All three velcro straps must be loosened and from there, you do not need to pull the straps out of the loops but merely loosen them.

Ensure that the traction setting is reduced to zero before you begin. The unit will then need to be compressed to the locked position – you should hear a click!

The hand, palm side up, will be placed through the center of the support stocking. Note: This support stocking allows you to use this device on your own.

Ensure the device is aligned 1/4 inch above the wrist crease we demonstrated before. The device should then be tightened against the forearm through use of the three straps. This unit should not slip but should also not be uncomfortably tight.

Once the straps are tight, the wrist should be bent up slightly to provide back-pressure against the device. At the same time, the release knob should be pulled upon.

During treatment, the patient should be seated and cross his or her untreated arm under the treated arm to relax during treatment.

Tension should be increased level by level.

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